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Calendar – monthly view

This article describes how to build a calendar showing all days in a chosen month with corresponding scheduled events. What's […]

List permutations with repetition and how many to choose from

This article demonstrates a macro that lets you create a list of permutations, repetitions are allowed, based on a number […]


A dialog box is an excellent alternative to a userform, they are built-in to VBA and can save you time […]

List all permutations with a condition

I got a question a while ago about permutations, in essence how to find every permutation between 0 and 9 […]

How to use Pivot Tables – Excel’s most powerful feature and also least known

A pivot table allows you to examine data more efficiently, it can summarize large amounts of data very quickly and is very easy to use.


This post will teach you how to work with Excel arrays in visual basic for applications (VBA). Why do you […]

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  If you study a stock chart you will discover that sometimes significant trend reversals happen when a stock chart […]

Count identical values if they are on the same row

This article describes a formula that counts values in two columns if they are duplicates on the same row. What's […]


This article describes an array formula that compares values from two different columns in two worksheets twice and returns a […]

Sort values by corresponding text arranged in a column

This article describes a formula that sorts values arranged in a column from A to z by every other value. […]

Sort items by adjacent number in every other value

This article demonstrates a formula that sorts items arranged horizontally based on the adjacent numbers, every other column contains a […]

How to use the ROUND function

The ROUND function calculates a rounded number based on the number of digits you specify. Formula in cell D3: =ROUND(B3, […]

How to use the MROUND function

The MROUND function calculates a number rounded to a given multiple. Formula in cell D3: =MROUND(B3,C3) Excel Function Syntax MROUND(number, […]

Multiply numbers in each row with remaining rows in cell range (UDF)

This article demonstrates a User Defined Function (UDF) that multiplies numbers in each row with the remaining rows in a […]

Resize a range of values (UDF)

The User Defined Function (UDF) demonstrated in this article, resizes a given range to columns or rows you specify. This […]

How to use the OFFSET function

The OFFSET function returns a reference to a range that is a given number of rows and columns from a […]

Follow stock market trends – trailing stop

This time I want to demonstrate an alternative way to identify a major trend in the stock market. The previous post […]

This tutorial shows you how to add a horizontal/vertical line to a chart. Excel allows you to combine two types […]

Follow stock market trends – Moving Average

In my previous post, I described how to build a dynamic stock chart that lets you easily adjust the date […]

Dynamic stock chart

This stock chart built in Excel allows you to change the date range and the chart is instantly updated. What's […]

Find and return the highest number and corresponding date based on a condition

This article describes how to filter records based on the maximum value of a specific item. There are names in […]

Excel chart problem: Hard to read series values

It might be impossible to read the smaller series values on the y-axis if you have two series of data […]

A beginners guide to Excel array formulas

Array formulas allows you to do advanced calculations not possible with regular formulas.

Highlight a column in a stacked column chart

This interactive chart allows you to select a country by press with left mouse button oning on a spin button. […]

How to color chart bars based on their values

(Chart data is made up) This article demonstrates two ways to color chart bars and chart columns based on their […]